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What Makes the Front End of the Car Wobble?

What Makes the Front End of the Car Wobble?
By Brenda Williams

Do you get the front-end wobbles when driving? You know that shimmy and shake that makes you feel as if you are on a fun ride. But, it's not fun and, you can bet, it is taking its toll on your car. In addition to damaging other parts of your car, it can be downright dangerous for you and others on the road. Here are some key indicators and their possible causes:

Does your car's front end shake when you apply the brakes? If so, this could be an indication there is something wrong with your brakes. In particular it could be a problem with the rotors on the braking system. The rotors can become damaged from any number of causes. The brake rotors could become damaged from not changing your brakes at their recommended mileage. Actually, not changing the brakes is the number reason why rotors go bad.

Does your car's front end wobble when you are driving at slow speeds? This could be an indication that the car's tires need to be rotated and balanced. It could also be a sign of a tire with a bulge from manufacture defect, or not taking care of the maintenance of the tires. Go around your car and look at the tires. Sometimes, you can see a bulge on the actual tire itself.

If the car is wobbling at high speeds, then it could be alignment problems or axle problems. These are very serious problems and should be checked by a professional. However, if you are willing and able you could look under the car at each front wheel and see if there is any fluid leaking from the front joints and boots that are causing the problems.

Most problems with the car's front end handling abilities can be corrected pretty easily and at a low cost if checked and remedied as early after detection of problem. If you wait and allow any of these problems worsen, then the cost will be much more because the stress it puts on other parts of the car will require attention.

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